Sheila and Patrick Zenk, Laura and Ryan Zakrzewski, Marie and Rick Jaggi, Bill Kuchenbecker

Parish Life Commission

The purpose of the Parish Life Commission is to help foster fellowship, provide hospitality, and build strong community throughout the parish.  Much of this work is done through parish events and gatherings.  As a group we share the responsibilities when it comes to organizing, promoting, and staffing events.  We are always open to new ideas and ways to engage our parish family in fellowship opportunities.   Some of the activities we do include the planning of the events, this is done as a group.  We then break out responsibilities as needed such as promoting the event, shopping, and other tasks as needed.  We are always looking for new membership and typically have one planning meeting a month.  We also stay connected thorough email communication as needed.  We are a typically a smaller group and have a lot of fun as our meeting are both business and social in nature.  To stay Christ focused we do start and end all meetings with prayer.  Below are some of the events we have produced and/or supported in the past.

  • Donut Sundays
  • Encounter Night Hospitality
  • Couples Night Out
  • Lenten Soup Suppers
  • Euchre Tournament
  • Packer/Chili Party
  • Family Potlucks
  • Game Night

If you are interested in joining us or gathering more information please contact

Bill Kuchenbecker at