St. Christopher Parish Life Commission

Left to Right: Ryan Zakrzewski, Rick Jaggi, Marie Jaggi, Wendy Delaney, Bill Kuchenbecker, Audrey Janssen, Rebecca Deveraux

The Parish Life Commission (PLC) is responsible for the social, community, and fellowship needs of the parish family. These needs include, but are not limited to, providing a realization of community and hospitality for all members, a sense of welcoming to new members, and assistance to the parish staff.

The PLC has hosted many events in the past and is always looking to find new ways to bring the Parish together. Below are some of the events and activities that we have done in the past.

  • Packer/Chili Party
  • Lenten soup suppers
  • Couples Night Out
  • Donut Sunday
  • Parish Game Night
  • Parish Movie Night
  • Mass of Remembrance
  • Q & A with Father William

We also offer assistance with light refreshments at other events at the request of the Parish Staff.

The PLC tries to assess needs in the parish by listening and watching. Through the years different programs initiated by the PLC (formerly Family Ministry) have evolved into their own programs. The group meets on the third Tuesday of every month (from September – June) at 7:00pm. New members and ideas are always welcome.

More Information

For more information regarding this Commission, please contact Wendy Delaney at 608-203-5822.