Welcome to Saint Christopher Catholic Parish

We are glad you are here! We invite you to explore all that there is to see and do here at our parish. Over time, we hope that you will meet Christ through our liturgies and sacraments, follow Christ through virtuous friendships and the study of the faith, and bear Christ by volunteering in parish ministries or in the community. As a member of our parish, we aim to fill all of your spiritual needs. As you grow in this phase of your discipleship, what do you seek?

This page serves as an access point for more information about our many parish activities and ministries.  We hope you will find a place in our parish family that is fulfilling and engaging. Click the links below to learn more about each opportunity. If you want more information, please reach out to the contact listed for the specific ministry. For any other questions, you can contact Susan Swanke, Adult Faith Coordinator, at the parish office: (608) 845-6613 (ext 5) or sswanke@saintchristopherparish.com.

*indicates an opportunity or ministry listed on our Parish Life Cards


Parish Directory by Category

Sacraments & Liturgies

*Holy Mass & Confession Times
*Volunteer for Liturgical Roles
*Sacrament Preparation and Sacrament Requests

Youth and Family Opportunities

Education Co-op
*Encounter Nights
*Family Adoration
*Religious Education (PreK-12th Grade)
Veronica Club
Youth Retreats and Trips

Adult Faith Formation & Prayer

*1% Challenge
*Adult Formation Courses
Charismatic Prayer Group
Divine Mercy Cenacle
*Encounter Nights
*Eucharistic Adoration
*Evangelization Gatherings
Grief Ministry
Light House Media Stand
Men’s Discipleship Group
*Next Step 1-on-1 Discipleship Mentoring
Parish Library
Prayer Chain
Small Groups
Widows of Prayer
Women’s Bible Study
Women’s Discipleship Group

*Service and Social Ministries

Building and Grounds Committee
Council of Catholic Women
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Homebound
Knights of Columbus
Parish Life Commission
Respite/Care Team
Society of St. Vincent de Paul


Parish Directory Descriptions and Links

Sacraments & Worship

*Holy Mass & Confession times – click to learn more

*Volunteer for Liturgical Roles – Learn more about the many volunteer roles that make our Masses and liturgies beautiful. These include greeters, ushers, altar servers, lectors, musicians, cantors, and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. View more information about the individual roles and how to get involved at the Liturgical Ministry webpage.

*Sacrament Preparation and Sacrament Requests – Become Catholic through Baptism, be reconciled through Confession, be united through Marriage, and more. Learn about the seven sacraments and how to prepare for or request the sacraments on our Sacraments homepage.

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Youth and Family Opportunities

Education Co-op – click to learn more

*Encounter Nights – click to learn more

*Family Adoration – As part of the parish’s monthly 24-hour vigil, there is a Family Adoration hour from 5-6 pm (this is held the first Friday of each month).  This is a holy hour set aside for families, particularly with young children, where more noise and movement is expected.  There is a 30 minute program consisting of a rosary, reading of the upcoming Sunday Gospel, Divine Praises, and Tantum Ergo (prayers and song traditionally used during Benediction).  Family Adoration is sometimes followed by a family meal sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.
          Contact:  Katie Haun, haun.kathryn@gmail.com

FORMED – FORMED is a great online resource for Catholic studies, podcasts, e-books, short videos, movies, and more!  There is content for ALL ages, and it is free to you via our
Saint Christopher Catholic Parish subscription. If you don’t already have a FORMED account,
here’s how to get started:

  • Go to https://formed.org
  • Click Sign Up
  • Select “I Belong to a Parish or Organization”
  • Find our Parish by Name (Saint Christopher Parish, Verona)
  • Enter your email, and you’re in!

*Religious Education (preK-12th grade) – click to learn more

Veronica Club – The Veronica Club is a group of dedicated young ladies who seek to serve our Lord and our parish community as Sacristans. The young ladies are entrusted with learning the role and duties of the Sacristan; especially in the care of the sacred vessels and other items used in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  The Veronica Club will help prepare our young ladies for a life of service and love, lived for Christ and His Church.  We meet monthly during the school year and the group is open to a young lady who has made her first communion.
          Contact:  Julie Wanta, juliemwanta@yahoo.com

Youth Retreats and Trips – Middle School and High School students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of local and national retreats, service programs, and trips. Events such as Steubenville Conferences, Love Begins Here, Frassati Fest, and BackCountry hiking trips help students grow in faith and supplement the normal religious education year.
          Contact: Steve Davies, sdavies@saintchristopherparish.com

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Adult Faith Formation & Prayer Opportunities

*1% Challenge – click to learn more

*Adult Formation Courses – Occasionally we offer opportunities for adults to study a particular topic of the faith together. Check out our Adult Formation homepage for more information about any current courses. If there are no formation courses currently offered, consider growing in faith with a small group instead!
          Contact: Susan Swanke, sswanke@saintchristopherparish.com

Charismatic Prayer Group – This group meets every Thursday from 7-9 PM at St. Christopher Parish and is devoted to honoring Jesus Christ with times of prayer. praise, singing, worship. Group members are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit and sharing what the Lord has done and is doing in their lives. Each meeting ends with a time of intercession. Come and see.
          Contact: Shirley Ring, 608-848-4924 or cell 608-515-6859

Divine Mercy Cenacle – Divine Mercy Cenacle members learn more about Jesus through St. Faustina’s visions and work to become more holy.  Members follow a chapter in The Divine Mercy Cenacle Formation Manual, which involves reading passages from St. Faustina’s Diary, Scripture, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  We pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy together at the end of each session, raising our petitions to God.  We meet usually twice per month, on a rotating basis at one another’s homes.
          Contact: Lisa Keen, lkeen1962@gmail.com

*Encounter Nights – click to learn more

*Eucharistic Adoration – click to learn more

*Evangelization Gatherings – About four times per year, parish leaders and formation volunteers are invited to an Evangelization Gathering. At each Gathering, we pray together, learn more about our faith, and discuss a topic pertaining to evangelization. Anyone interested in evangelizing in our community should attend!
          Contact: Susan Swanke, sswanke@saintchristopherparish.com

FORMED – FORMED is a great online resource for Catholic studies, podcasts, e-books, short videos, movies, and more!  There is content for ALL ages, and it is free to you via our
Saint Christopher Catholic Parish subscription. If you don’t already have a FORMED account,
here’s how to get started:

  • Go to https://formed.org
  • Click Sign Up
  • Select “I Belong to a Parish or Organization”
  • Find our Parish by Name (Saint Christopher Parish, Verona)
  • Enter your email, and you’re in!

Grief Ministry – No matter how recent or far in the past you have lost a loved one, please know that Saint Christopher Parish continues to pray for you.  Along with prayers, we occasionally offer a support series, typically during Lent, when individuals can gather to share their experiences, pray, and grieve together. Share your experience only as you feel comfortable.
          Contact: Audrey Janssen, 608-845-3003 or ajanssen@tds.net

Light House Media Stand – Religious CD’s available to rent.  There are great topics to choose from!  The media stand is located in the narthex and the Lighthouse bookshelf is in the parish center.
          Contact: Susan Swanke, sswanke@saintchristopherparish.com

Men’s Discipleship Group – click to learn more

*Next Step 1-on-1 Discipleship Mentoring – Take the next step in your faith with one-on-one accompaniment. Discuss the Catholic faith and your personal faith journey with a trusted friend. Invite a friend to journey with you and take your Next Step with the help of the Evangelical Catholic. Need someone to journey with you or help getting started? Let us know!
          Contact: Susan Swanke, sswanke@saintchristopherparish.com

Parish Library – The Parish Library provides free lending of books, CDs, DVDs, and other resources for all ages to help encourage, enrich, and enliven the hearts of our community. The space is open for use at various times throughout the week.  The library is located in the Parish Center.
          Contact: Katie Haun, haun.kathryn@gmail.com

Prayer Chain – click to learn more


  • A rosary is said before the 5:00 PM Mass every First Saturday of the Month.
  • The Widows of Prayer Rosary for Priests is recited every Thursday morning at 9 am.
  • The Widows of Prayer Prayer (to be said by Fr. Rob) for Vocations to the Priesthood is read just prior to Adoration after the Saturday morning mass.
    •        Contact:  Sue Dahms, sdahms@tds.net or (608) 845-9386 for all of the above rosaries
  • Additionally, Rosary Rallies occur in front of church several times per year. This is sponsored by America Needs Fatima. These Rosaries are typically said across the United States at Noon on a Saturday. When scheduled, rosaries will be announced through parish media.

*Small Groups– click to learn more

Widows of Prayer – The Widows of Prayer is a religious apostolate of the Catholic Church, meeting, praying and working together for mutual support and common prayer for the Catholic Church and its leaders.  Our Charism is to serve Christ through His Church by praying for priests and others in Church leadership, to be devoted to the Blessed Sacrament and to promote the adoration of Christ in the Eucharist. Devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Monica (Mother of St. Augustine), and St. Elizabeth of Hungry. Anyone is invited to join us after the Thursday morning mass (about 9 am) for the rosary.
          Contact: Sue Dahms, sdahms@tds.net or (608)845-9386

Women’s Bible Study – Discussions are a combination of Mind and Heart.  This includes reviewing context of Bible passages, connections with the Old Testament, the original Greek words, etc. We also share how we live out our faith through bible passages. We meet each Thursday morning in the Parish Center.  Women’s Bible Study typically offers a summer book study.  Book topics are a wide range of great religious writers.  Childcare is provided. The group is currently on hold due to COVID.
          Contact: Laura Zakrzewski, lauraz77@outlook.com

Women’s Discipleship Group – The Women’s Discipleship group aims to provide a space and experience for women disciples to help cultivate virtues amid daily life, to conquer shortcomings through intentional accountability, and to slowly develop a life of deep prayer as followers of Christ. The group is currently on hold due to COVID.
          Contact: Katie Haun, haun.kathryn@gmail.com or Erika Fakler, erika.fakler@gmail.com

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 *Service and social ministries

Building and Grounds Committee – Help keep our parish building and grounds in pristine condition by joining or helping the Building and Grounds Committee.  Please contact Bob Shunk if you are interested in helping with various projects or if you have a particular skill (carpentry, plumbing, etc.) that you can offer as needed.
          Contact: Bob Shunk, rtshunkjr@saintchristopherparish.com

Council of Catholic Women – click to learn more

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Homebound – Extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion to the homebound bring communion to those who are not able to be with us at Mass due to illness or other circumstances that make it difficult to be present.
          Contact: Anita Schmidt, past.care@saintchristopherparish.com

Knights of Columbus – click to learn more

Parish Life Commission – click to learn more

Respite/Care Team – The team can provide companionship to individuals who are homebound, run occasional errands, go on outings, and assist with rest and relief for family caretakers. The team is made up of our own parishioners who are trained by Catholic Charities Aging Services
          Contact: Laura Zakrzewski  lauraz77@outlook.com

Society of St. Vincent de Paul – click to learn more

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