Our parish facilities are well-used by multiple groups within the parish and the community. As the demand for facility use has grown, so has the need for a simple, clear process for reserving rooms and facilities. These procedures will ensure that all requests are given due and timely consideration, with the aim of providing space for all who request it. The procedures for reserving space are as follows.

1. Submit a Request Form

A representative of the group making the request should fill out the Event Reservation Request form. Before adding dates, please check the facilities calendar (also available through the parish office) to determine available space. By signing the request form, you agree to observe these policies and procedures.

2. Request Reviewed & Confirmed

Once the request form is submitted to the parish office, it will be reviewed by the pastor or a member of the parish staff. This review ensures we have the information needed and that the space is available to use.

Once confirmed, the request will be filed in the parish office, added to the facilities use calendar, and the requesting parties will be notified. A request is not considered finalized until communicated as such by the parish. Please allow one (1) week for requests to be confirmed by the parish. Do not begin advertising events until the request is confirmed.

You can download and use the Room Request form by clicking the link below. Please fill it out and return it via email or print it and return it to the parish office.
Download Room Request Form