At Saint Christopher, we aim to make saints!

The primary goal of our Children's Formation is to help parents raise saints who love Jesus Christ, His Church, and their neighbor. We seek to support the whole family, parents and children, in their journey to Meet Christ, Follow Christ, and Bear Christ. We do this in by focusing on 3 core values:

1. Equipping and Supporting Parents

We know that the greatest influence in a child's life are his parents. The task of raising saints (while striving for holiness ourselves) can be daunting, and even the best Religious Education classes can only support the formation a child receives every day from her parents and family. Through our Encounter Nights and Adult Formation programs, we aim to equip and support parents in this task by helping them grow in holiness, providing a community of other parents for guidance and support, and by sharing tips and tricks for passing on the Catholic Faith in all areas of life.

2. Focusing on the Holy Mass and the Eucharist

Jesus, fully present in the Holy Eucharist, is the source and summit of our Faith - the place from which all blessings flow, and the final destination of our life. God knew how important the Mass would be for our journey in this life, and so He commands us to come to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. But we don't merely want our children and their parents showing up when God expects us to (although we DO want that, as well!). We want each child and each parent to encounter Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, every Sunday. To do that, we aim to help everyone understand why we do what we do at Mass and how to pray the Mass more deeply. Additionally, we strive to make our Masses welcoming and hospitable for all God's children.

3. Providing top-notch Religious Education and Sacramental preparation as a support to a child's wider formation

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