Sponsors & Sponsor Discussions

Sponsors, just like our godparents at Baptism, help guide their candidate into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church. While preparation for Confirmation at the parish eventually concludes, the sponsor’s duties and relationship with their candidate lasts for life. Part of the preparation process entails establishing and deepening this faith-centered relationship between candidate and sponsor.

During the Application Process, candidates will begin thinking about potential sponsors. About 12 months before Confirmation, candidates will need to select a proper sponsor (see below) and have them attain a letter of good standing from their pastor.

Once a sponsor has been selected, they will be asked to go through our Sponsor Formation program online. This formation helps ensure our sponsors are properly equipped to guide their candidate into a deeper relationship with Christ and His Church. It also gives practical training on how to talk about the faith with teens, a prospect many sponsors find daunting. Sponsor formation should be completed by August 31 so that candidate discussions can begin in September of 9th grade.

As part of the formation, sponsors will also receive instruction on how to conduct six discussions with their candidate throughout their immediate preparation. These discussions will each have due dates and should happen during the month prior to each due date. Discussions are designed to take about 2 hours. Unless coordinated with the pastor or program coordinator, all sponsor discussions must take place in person between candidate and sponsor. As you discern your sponsor, please find one who can commit to meeting with you monthly and in person!

If you need help finding a suitable sponsor, please do not hesitate to ask for help. There are many excellent and loving disciples of Christ in our own parish who would be honored to walk with your candidate!

Per the law of the Church, sponsors must be:

  • At least 16 years old
  • A confirmed, practicing Catholic
  • Someone other than your parents

In order to perform their duties well and build a lasting bond with their candidate, we highly encourage that sponsors be:

  • Graduated from high school (in order to serve as a mentor instead of a peer)
  • Someone you can meet with in person on a monthly basis
  • Someone whose faith life is inspiring and a good example for you