Confirmation Retreat

A retreat is a crucial part of preparation for Confirmation. Retreats allow us to separate ourselves from the everyday stresses and anxieties of life, allowing us to more clearly hear the ways that God speaks to us. The Confirmation retreat will be held at Camp Gray. This retreat is separate from the retreats that constitute part of a candidate’s remote preparation. Due to its key nature in preparation, only grave reasons for an absence will be considered, and these must be discussed with the program coordinator well in advance of the retreat. Candidates who do miss the retreat for a grave reason will be asked to attend a separate retreat. This years retreat (spring 2019) will be held the first weekend in April.

Confirmation Conference

Shortly before Confirmation, each candidate will be asked to schedule a 20-30 min. conference with the program coordinator or the pastor. In this discussion, candidates will be asked about their reasons for wanting to be confirmed as well as about their preparation. This includes their participation in all the aspects of preparation. In this meeting, candidates will also be asked to demonstrate a basic understanding of the Sacrament of Confirmation. A study guide of questions to know will be made available during the immediate preparation process for parents to help their candidate master.