After Confirmation

Many times, we are tempted to believe that Confirmation is a finish line. However, it is anything but an end! Rather, Confirmation completes Christian Initiation, meaning that it is more like a beginning! So, what do I do after Confirmation? Here are few ideas:

  • Continue with your small group: Do not lightly leave this community that you have built up! Your group members care about you, and your group leaders care about you. They want to help you encounter Jesus Christ more deeply and help you learn to follow Him!
  • Learn about a topic you’re interested in: Are you curious about the Crusades? What about the time of the Apostles? There are many ways to discover those topics and many resources to help you! In particular, check out all the great books, movies, and talks on (create a FREE account here).
  • Go on Retreat: Our High School Ministry goes on several retreats each year. Keep an eye on the parish bulletin and website for registration information!
  • Serve Others: Share your time, talent, or treasure with our parish! There are many ministries to serve with, whether it be at Mass (choir, serving Mass) or serving others. Check out the Parish Life section of the website for more ideas!
  • Tell Others: Tell others about the encounter you have had with Jesus Christ. Take the Gospel into your school, into your football team, and your circle of friends. Invite them to join your small group, or help a younger teen by mentoring them in what you’ve experienced. In whatever way you do it, spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!