last updated 9/2/2021

The general Mass dispensation has been lifted – Click here for press releases and a FAQ sheet.

General Information

The policies and procedures described here are written to follow The Diocese of Madison Offices of
Catholic Schools, Evangelization & Catechesis, and Bishop Donald Hying, as well as Dane County
Public Health Guidelines and Emergency Orders. As official policies change, these policies may
become temporarily out of date. All events and activities on parish property should abide by local
guidelines and recommendations first, and the policies here second.

Formation Guidelines

• In-person faith formation will be provided at the parish for the 2021-2022 school year, in
compliance with Diocese of Madison Offices listed above and Dane County and State of Wisconsin
orders and the policies described here.
Protective Measure Guidelines
• Activities will be arranged for students to maintain a distance of 3 ft. from one another whenever
possible and practicable.
• Regular sanitizing and hand washing is encouraged for students and staff.
• Students should continue bringing water bottles rather than drinking from a bubbler.
• Schools will continue regularly to sanitize high touch/high traffic areas (desks, doors etc.)
• Masks are optional for students and staff. The decision to wear masks is made at the discretion of
the parents/guardian of each child.
• Temperature and health screening reporting is not required, though parents should always monitor
their child(ren) for symptoms of illness. Children who develop symptoms at school may be isolated
and sent home.
• Parents must keep home any child who has symptoms of illness. Staying home if sick is the most
effective practice in stopping the spread of illness.
• Contact tracing protocols will be followed per county/state guidelines. As we continue to monitor
the situation with COVID, each school may introduce additional protocols as needed to address the
local situation. As we learned last year, the situation may change, in which case this guidance will
be updated as needed. Thank you again for your commitment to partner with us in the education
and formation of your children in knowledge and faith. May God grant you and your family every
grace and blessing.

Version 4 rev. 8/4/2021

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these Policies and Procedures, please contact one of the following:
• Margaret Clark (elementary religious education) at
• Steve Davies (middle and high school religious education) at
• Susan Swanke (adult formation) at
All of the above may also be reached at 608-845-6613.