Pastoral Council Members (Front L-R): Ann Lease, Diane Smith, Chairman Matt Krippner, Lynn Hauski, Vice Chairman Paul Gallimore. (Back L-R) Bill Kuchenbecker, Nick Haun, David Chodorowski, Secretary David Wanta

The Pastoral Council is an elected group of nine active members of St. Christopher Parish that serves as an advisory board to the Pastor and acts as an intermediary with various groups and committees within the parish.

The main purpose is to help the Pastor align the mission of the parish with diocesan norms and to carry the church forward through changes in the community. The function of a Pastoral Council is to advise, assist and support the Pastor, and through him the members of his Parish Staff, in the accomplishment of agreed-upon pastoral objectives.

All parishioners are welcome to observe Pastoral Council meetings. If you would like more information or be added to a future meeting agenda, please contact the Council Chair.

Current Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council Member Phone Number
Matt Krippner – Chairman 608-334-3850
Paul Gallimore – Vice Chairman 608-469-5700
David Wanta – Secretary 608-469-2787
Ann Lease 608-832-6999
Bill Kuchenbecker 608-848-6886
David Chodorowski 850-544-4660
Diane Smith 608-556-4487
Lynn Hauski 608-845-9754
Nick Haun 608-797-3688