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Parish Kitchen Remodeled!

St. Christopher CCW has completed the remodeling of our parish kitchen.  After many years of craft sales and Christmas Bazaars, enough funds have been saved to pay for this huge project!

After updating the plumbing and electric wiring, the ceiling has been lowered and new lighting installed.  The walls have been painted a brighter color. Trim around the windows has been re-painted and window blinds have all been trimmed and straightened.  New backsplash has been placed below cabinets around the sink and dishwasher area.  A new dishwasher was also installed.  A cabinet extension and wall shelf were added and the existing cabinets have all been re-surfed, along with retractable inside shelving and new handles.

Many thanks go to all CCW members who worked so hard through the years towards this project.  KC members who volunteered their time were invaluable along with many others who were part of it.

Enjoy the pictures that are attached to this article and stop by and take a look at our “new kitchen” when you get the chance.

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