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St. Ambrose Update

A year ago, St. Ambrose Academy and Saint Christopher Parish, Verona, embarked on an earnest conversation about partnering together in the mission of Catholic education. In the end, given the need to protect faithfully the stakeholder interests in each community, we agree that the obstacles are too many. But the fact that we couldn’t figure out a mutually beneficial way forward was not for a lack of trying and definitely not for a lack of good will.

St. Ambrose extends its deepest gratitude to Father John Sasse for entertaining the suggestion in the first place, to Father Scott Emerson for advocating for it with such passion during his summer assignment at Saint Christopher, and finally to Father Rob Butz for taking the possibilities to the limits. Thank you most of all to the Saint Christopher family for showing your support and enthusiasm for the possibility of a shared mission with such warmth and hope.

In the meantime, St. Ambrose continues its search. God is leading us on a journey that we cannot see the end of, but we continue to pray and open ourselves to the possibilities that the Lord is putting before us. We wish our Saint Christopher friends well.

St. Christopher, pray for us! St. Ambrose, pray for us! St. Joseph, pray for us! Our Lady of Good Help, pray for us!


Joan Carey
St. Ambrose Academy
Executive Director

Fr. Robert Butz
Saint Christopher Parish