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Message from Fr Rob (October 18, 2020)

Fr. Robert Butz

Dear Parishioners,

I am grateful for all of you during this time of pandemic.  You have been very patient and flexible with the health guidelines from the civil and ecclesiastical authorities in order for us to gather and worship together.  As we listen to the news and hear of the increase in the number of positive tests for COVID, this provides a good opportunity for some friendly reminders when coming to worship for Mass at St. Christopher.

First, please remember that every other pew is available for seating.  This is to ensure social distancing and to be in compliance with the guidelines.

If there is not enough room in the main worship area, there is seating available in the gathering area and also in the choir loft.  Check with our safety volunteers in case you need further assistance.

Thirdly, kindly have your masks on when coming up in line to receive Holy Communion.

Finally, I want to acknowledge our safety volunteers and thank them for their time and talent.  There is much more placed on their plate during this time, and I am appreciative of all their efforts to assist parishioners, visitors, and help to make our churches clean and safe.

God’s blessings.

-Fr. Rob