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2020-2021 Religious Education Registration

Welcome back!

Registration is now open for Religious Education for the 2020-2021 school year! As you may imagine, there have been some adjustments to our typical programming to account for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Please carefully review the information here as well as the enrollment letters and COVID policies attached below to learn how we plan to care for you and your family during this time. We are committed to providing a safe environment within which we can continue to come together as a community and grow in faith this year.

Online registration is due by Tuesday, September 1. If you are interested in registering late, please contact Amy Harker, Coordinator of Religious Education (grades PreK-5), or Steve Davies, Coordinator of Youth Ministries (grades 6-12), to request the meeting link.


Start dates for 2020-2021:

  • Elementary: Monday, September 14 at 7:00pm – Virtual Parent Meeting
  • Middle School: Parent/Student Meeting on Wednesday, September 9 @ 6:30pm
  • High School: Parent/Student Meeting on Wednesday, September 9 @ 7:30pm

Class Times:

  • Elementary: meeting dates and times will be determined after enrollment
  • Middle School: Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm
  • High School: Wednesdays 7:30-8:45pm

Elementary Religious Education – Family Groups

For your safety and convenience, we have re-imagined elementary education this year. Families will be paired into small groups of similarly-aged children to meet weekly at the parish center and work through the year’s curriculum. The selected textbook series, A Family of Faith, offers lessons and activities that span age ranges, so children may all be taught together as a family rather than split into groups by age. One Lead Family per group will receive regular guidance from the parish and serve as the primary facilitator for the Family Group, although participation from all parents will be essential to help children work through activities and to provide additional insights. This model limits outside-the-family interactions, as distancing can be maintained between families and fewer families meet at once compared to a traditional classroom. Families that are uncomfortable with meeting at the parish center will be permitted to participate in a fully virtual group. After registration, groups will be formed and a regular meeting day and time will be established for each group based on their availability.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS)

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a formation program rooted in the Bible, the liturgy of the Church, and the educational principles of Maria Montessori. We are pleased to expand our offerings of CGS for the 2020-2021 school year. Students aged 3-12 may be enrolled in CGS as a supplement to Family Groups. By its nature, CGS requires in-person meetings so that students can work with and ponder specific materials. CGS classes will be held in the parish center with COVID precautions and safeguards in place. Like Family Groups, CGS meeting times will be determined after enrollment.

Middle School and High School

For in-person classes this Fall, we have made the obvious modifications (cleaning more often, following mask guidelines from the Health Dept., distancing, etc.) and due to space constraints, we are also going to make a schedule modification. Both programs will continue to run on Wednesday evenings and the new schedule will be that Middle School will run from 6:30p to 7:45p, starting in the parish center, and High School will run from 7:30p and run until 8:45p, starting with a large group in the church. In addition to allowing us to follow all health safety guidelines, there are many benefits of this schedule for our students and catechists.

Middle School content will continue to include study of the pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church as we look at the Commandments and the Sacraments. We will also have several Saints Alive! Nights throughout the year. High School students will look at the life of Christ through the eyes of his Mother, Mary through a practical study of the Joyful and Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary. We will also continue to include Dead Theologians Society and HS Activity Nights throughout the year.

Additional faith-building activities such as Frassati Fest, Love Begins Here, Steubenville Conferences, and BackCountry trips will continue to be offered. These offer important and powerful opportunities to meet Jesus Christ as our youth transition to young adulthood.

Sacramental Preparation

First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion preparation will take place as a (roughly) once-a-month program outside of the normal Religious Education schedule. The schedule of classes can be downloaded from the links below, and classes will take place in the parish center. After registration, all students that are eligible for First Reconciliation and First Communion preparation will be contacted to confirm enrollment in sacramental preparation. If you have questions regarding First Reconciliation and First Communion preparation, please reach out to Amy Harker.

As per diocesan guidelines and recommendations, Confirmation preparation is a two-year process, so enrollment in this program is only done on alternate years. The next new group forming for Confirmation preparation will be in the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. If you have questions regarding Confirmation preparation, please contact Steve Davies.

Program Fees

We believe that no child should go without religious education due to financial uncertainty. However, we also all know that nothing is free. The parish contributes substantial resources towards the Religious Education program, and your financial support ensures we can continue to offer top notch Religious Education to all parish families. Because of this, we have a suggested donation amount rather than a formal tuition fee for enrollment in our Religious Education programs. Families experiencing financial difficulty or with many children in the program may elect to only contribute a portion of the suggested donation based on the amount they are able to contribute at this time. Families that have been financially blessed this year are invited to consider contributing an additional amount to help cover the cost of others in the program and support our parish family. As in previous years, parents may donate their time as catechists in place of any financial contribution (Middle School and High School). Donations can be made online, placed in a labeled envelope and dropped in the Sunday collection basket, or turned in to Amy Harker or Steve Davies at any religious education function.

Suggested donation per child

  • Non-sacramental year – $90
  • Sacramental year – $130

Click here to donate online!

Registration Documents & Schedules 

COVID documents: