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Message from Father Scott Emerson – May 24, 2020

Dear Family of Faith, 

Happy Easter! We enter our 7th week of celebrating that Our Lord truly suffered, truly died, and in God’s great glory, truly rose from the dead. The reality of Jesus overcoming the darkness of this world is just as true 2,000 years ago as it is today and hopefully this reality manifests itself to our community next weekend as we return to the public celebration of Masses. We hope to confirm all these details with you next week. 

Fr. Bill and I look forward to continue the good work and ongoing initiatives at St. Christopher Parish. We haven’t met many of you and if restrictions are lifted, we look forward to introducing ourselves to you. I will say that the staff at St. Christopher is phenomenal and I am grateful for their dedication to the parish. 

We understand the recent changes are difficult. We pray for the priests, the parish, and all the faithful who find St. Christopher as their home. In the coming weeks, we will arrange for a way to say good bye to Fr. John and let him know of his great service to this parish. 

This weekend is the Ascension of our Lord. We come face to face with the core of the entire Gospel: Christ’s saving message being transmitted to all people through the witness of the Church. Bearing witness to Christ, to his message and the power of his goodness. This is our primary mission on earth.

Right before Jesus ascended, St Luke tells us, he “raised his hands, and blessed them.”  Then he ascended and his disciples “returned to Jerusalem with great joy.” Why were they joyful at Christ’s departure? Because Christ had revealed to them the purpose of their lives. They had a mission. Their life had meaning.

This week, let’s accept anew our life’s mission, so that when the priest blesses us, our restlessness will be taken up into joy.

In the Risen Christ, 
Fr. Scott Emerson