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Message from our Pastor – 3/29/2020

Dear Parishioners,

I am completely overwhelmed by the generosity and piety of our parish. We made 138% of our quota for the ACA this year in addition to our giving to St. Hermine’s Home. That puts us among the top 5 parishes in the Diocese. So many of you have come forward to offer to help with the homebound and get groceries and run other errands. I encourage you to please continue tithing to the parish. If you haven’t signed up for EFT, please consider doing so. In the meantime, please use the online giving option on the website (bottom left corner of the home page) or mail your contributions in or drop them off at the office on your next grocery run.

As many of you know by the emails we have been sending out, we have started perpetual adoration, and we are planning to have it through April 1, 2020. We want to continue praying for an end to the scourge of this pestilence, for all those who have lost their lives, their families, the safety of our health care providers, the healing of the sick, and the conversion of those who have lost the faith. We think here especially of those who have lost the faith and that their lives might be in danger. The fact that our times for adoration are filling in so well also impresses me, your pastor. Know that it breaks my heart not to be able to celebrate Mass for all those who want it. I believe that we have all the kinks worked out for our live streaming, and it should be good this weekend. Do say the Spiritual Communion as you watch the Mass and there will be many graces available to you. I also ask you to continue to pray daily the “Prayer in Times of Pestilence” that the Bishop has given us. Know also that I will be hearing confessions from 11:00am—12:00pm Tuesday through Friday while the pestilence restrictions are in place. God Bless you all and Oremus ad invicem (we shall pray without ceasing).