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Message from our Pastor – 10/13/2019

Dear Parishioners,

We left off last week taking a “30,000 ft. view” of liturgy in the Old Testament, and we began to talk about Noah. In chapter 6, we saw how it said that Noah was a righteous man who walked with God. As that chapter continues, God gives instructions on how to build the ark and to gather all the animals into it. Then there is verse 2 in chapter 7 which says, “Of every clean animal take with you seven pairs…”. Now, why is that? God asks him to do that so that they will have sufficient animals to offer in sacrifice to the Lord. Here we also see a prefiguring of Jesus. God provides seven pairs of all the clean animals for them to offer Him sacrifice as He desires, and then later God provides His Son to offer the one, perfect and eternal sacrifice of himself for all.

Abraham descends from Shem, Noah’s son. We know that Shem and Japheth inherited Noah’s Priesthood but Ham did not. Many biblical scholars believe that Shem was still alive at the time of Abraham as he lived to be 500 years old and Abraham lived to be 175, and so Shem who is also Melchisedech outlives Abraham by 33 years. Now that is an interesting number, the lifespan of Jesus. After defeating various kings (maybe better to think of as chiefs or chieftains) Abraham encounters Melchisedech and Melchisedech offers bread and wine as a sacrifice to the Lord on behalf of Abraham and then Abraham gives him one tenth of all the spoils he had taken in his victories. You can read some more about that here: Who is Melchizedek? Source: Institute of Catholic Culture. (to be continued)