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Knights of Columbus June 2019 Newsletter

Greetings Brother Knights,

Grand Knight’s Report

Thank you to all the Knights who have assisted with the various activities towards the end of May and during the beginning of June:

  1. Bratfest: Chair Clyde Hellenbrand and all the Knights who helped cook brats and hot dogs.
  2. BPNN: Flags for Food
  3. BPNN Community Meal: Knights and fellow Parishioners
  4. Verona Hometown Days Food Stands
  5. Verona Hometown Days Strawberry: Knights and Family

Thank you to all the Knights and their families in our Council for all the work that you and your families do for both the Parish and the Community! If you know of a Knight or family to be recognized, please let me or one of the other Officers know.

Congratulations to our newest Sir Knights: Tony Grant and Gene Purcell!

Please see the upcoming calendar of events and the Program Director’s report for the list of Council activities and events. If there are activities and/or events that you would like to see our Council undertake, please contact me or Tony Grant.

Before I close out the Grand Knight’s Report, I would like to share a Spiritual Reflection with you that was published in the Tribune Democrat newspaper in my home town of Johnstown, PA. I will continue share Spiritual Reflections in future Grand Knight reports.

Getting Our Lives in Order

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”
Psalm 32.8 NIV

If you are unhappy with your live, or with certain aspects of it – and everyone has some area of their life that needs work – perhaps it is because you have tried to manage it by yourself. It might relieve you to know that God has a better plan for your live than you do, and it takes a lot of the pressure off ourselves when we decide to live by God’s plan. We aren’t responsible for our being here, since none of us created ourselves, and so it shouldn’t surprise us to realize that our Creator already has a plan for us. We should of course take some responsibility for our own well-being, striving to be as happy, healthy and virtuous as possible, but putting the responsibility for our entire life and life plan on ourselves is too heavy a burden. It is folly to try to be the engineer and director of our own lives. Many of us have lived poorly by following our own path and need some help from God to get it together. Consider God’s word as a user’s manual for how to get your life together. If you’re now sure what God has planned for you, a good place to start in the Bible is the Book of Proverbs. It is filled with Godly wisdom for living a good life.

May God Bless you and your families!

Mark Rayha
Grand Knight


Knight of the Month — Robert Pennings
Family of the Month — Joe & Sarah Sarbacker
Certificates of Appreciation — Bratfest, Verona Hometown Days Food Stand and Strawberry Shortcake Volunteers

Call for Prayers

Prayer requests include Richard Lyons, Cathy Purdy, Howard & Sue Jamieson, Pam Heyde, Ann Lease, Rich Wolk, Betty Azim Barbara Shunk, Tim Sutter, Robin Gerdis, Lynn Mullen, Joan Nowack, Bishop Donald Hying. Also keep in your prayers all U.S. Military men and women, Catholic clergy, first responders, victims of violence or natural disasters, and the elderly and unborn.

Happy birthday to Knights celebrating in June:

  • Vincent Mullen – June 6
  • Herbert Delahanty – June 11
  • William Nash – June 14
  • Erin Kennedy – June 15
  • Benjamin Rouleau – June 15
  • Phillip Fox – June 19
  • Eugene Laschinger – June 20
  • Roger Ringenberg – June 21
  • Doug Ulaszek – June 23
  • Dave Michuda – June 24
  • Jim Kinney – June 26
  • Jim Vesely – June 30

Message from our field agent

You can contact Joe Molosky, General Agent at (262) 378 – 4854 for future questions on KC Products

Program Director’s Report

Fellow Knights,

I pray all are enjoying this great summer weather and family time as schools go on recess!
Brat Fest: Many thanks goes to all the volunteers that took part in Brat Fest. We had a total of 13 volunteers for the event and special thanks to Clyde Hellenbrand for chairing the event! Total fund raised was 663.00!

Adoration: A number of Knights have taken the opportunity to commit to the monthly Eucharistic Adoration on June 7th and 8th. The next Adoration is on July 5th – 6th. Sign up links were sent to members. The shifts are 1 hour (see the sign up link). Please sign up and take an hour to pray and meditate in Mother Mary’s name.

BPNN Breakfast: Thanks to all who volunteered for the BPNN first Saturday June 1st Breakfast!! The next breakfast will be on July 6th. Please sign up by going to this link of notify me if you want me to sign up.

Verona Hometown Days- Thanks to all who took part in our annual Hometown Days celebration on May 31st – June 1st. A special thanks goes out to Clyde Hellenbrand (Brat Stands) and Bill Labarge (Strawberry Cart).

4th Degree: There was a 4th Degree Exemplification on May 18 in Richland Center Tony Grant and Gene Purcell completed the 4th Degree.
Flags for Food: Flags for food was a great success and close to 300 flags were distributed on front yards throughout Verona. Thanks to all the knights that volunteered for this continuing event!! Flags for Food is coming on Independence Day July 4th at Badger Prairie Needs Network on Verona. Volunteers are needed for morning and afternoon shifts.
Silver Rose Ceremony – The Silver Rose ceremony will be at St Andrews church Aug 9th at 7:00PM.
Coming Up: Mallards game has been cancelled, Potential Summer Social date TBD. Don’t forget to log in your hours for April !!!

Respectfully Submitted,
Knight Tony Grant – Program Director