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Message from our Pastor – 5/26/2019

Dear Parishioners,

Last week we had a look at the Ascension and Pentecost; two beautiful feasts that close out the Easter Season. To begin “regular time” with a bang, we have on June 16th the celebration of the Most Holy Trinity. Here we celebrate and recognize one of the most fundamental and beautiful truths of our faith, one of our most principle dogmas. God exists as three persons in one nature. God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but still one God as all three share the same divine nature. It is the dynamism and the overflowing of love among the three that is the cause of all creation including each one of us. So we not only celebrate the existence of God in himself, but also God as our creator and our own existence.

On the Thursday after Holy Trinity Sunday, we traditionally celebrate “Corpus Christi” which in Latin means “Body of Christ”. I am sure all of you are seeing the relationship to the Eucharist and that is why we have celebrated it on Thursday; to commemorate in a special way the fact that at the Last Supper, Jesus consecrated the first Eucharist making the bread and wine into his body, blood, soul, and divinity. Now the Bishops’ conference has decided to push it onto the following Sunday, but that shouldn’t dampen nor diminish our celebration, as we remember Jesus’ fidelity to his promise to remain with us always, even to the end of time. We also thank Jesus for suffering on the cross and it is through the completion of his total sacrifice that the Eucharistic celebration is so fruitful for us as we offer up our sacrifices and good deeds together with the bread and wine at Mass, and as the bread and wine are converted into the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Christ so our sacrifices and good deeds are converted into graces and merits for our own salvation and for the good of any other intention for which we offer them.