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Weekly Message from Our Pastor – 10/7/2018

Dear Parishioners,

Many of you have probably noticed the different way that we are presenting the giving to the Parish in the bulletin. The top line says “Weekly Budget—Total Needed” that number is our operating expense for the week. If we give at or over that amount in the offertory each week, we will meet our operating expenses. For a number of years we haven’t met our operating expenses from the offertory alone—but we should. We shouldn’t have to pray and hope that some very generous souls come forward with large donations to make up our shortfall each year. Right now the average tithe to the parish each week is $15.27. If on the average we just augmented about another couple of percentage points towards arriving eventually to 10% of our gross income in tithing we would easily meet our budgetary requirements, with enough extra to catch up the Building Fund and take of St. Hermine’s Home.

Generosity is a great virtue, not only does it make us happy, but also those whom we give to, for that reason St. Francis said that it is better to give than to receive. I thank you all in advance for the sacrifices that you are willing to make in order to fulfill our mission as a parish family.