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Weekly Message from Our Pastor – 9/30/2018

Dear Parishioners,

I know that some of you did not go into to watch the “Lectio Divina” series, but don’t mislead yourselves in thinking that if I haven’t done the “Lectio Divina” study then I am exempt from tithing. We are all called to tithe regardless of our ability to do “Lectio Divina”. The point I wanted to make last week and seek to clarify, is that “Lectio Divina” is a good tool to help me synchronize with God about my tithing, but it is certainly not the only way. So please, look over your finances, pray, and try to come to a good level of tithing where deep in your conscience you know you are fulfilling God’s desire for you in your life.

We had a great Emmaus Day “Warmer” with donuts a couple of weeks ago and now we are gearing up for a great year of fantastic, engaging, and interesting Emmaus Days. Our Hospitality Committee is working to increase our openness and availability to those who are new to our parish or just visiting to try it out. Even though we are not on the committee, we are all ambassadors for our parish and need to always strive to be charitable, welcoming, and accommodating to all others. We should just not assume that everyone we see in our church is Catholic and “knows the ropes”, in fact we should assume that everyone we see whom we do not know, is in need of our kindness, friendship and hospitality. We need to actively reach out to them with a smile and offer a joyful welcoming greeting and our assistance. You are all wonderful and have shown me your great kindness and welcome—please, let’s do it for everyone else! Thank you so much.