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Knights of Columbus September 2018 Newsletter

Greetings Brother Knights,

Grand Knight’s Report

I would like to thank Doug Ulaszek for agreeing to become the Council’s Faith Director. Doug will be leading praying the Rosary at 6:30 pm at our upcoming Council meeting; Doug is seeking some Brother Knights to help continuing leading the Rosary at future general meetings. I would also like to thank Bill Kuchenbecker for coordinating the Punt, Pass and Kick as well as all the Knights and their families who help Bill out with Punt, Pass and Kick. In addition, I would like to thank Clyde Hellenbrand and all the Knights who assisted with the 2 Brat Stands during Iron Man Competition.
I am also continually thankful for all the Knights and their families in our Council for all the work that you and your families do for both the Parish and the Community.

Please see the upcoming calendar of events and the Program Director’s report for the list of Council activities and events. If there are activities and/or events that you would like to see our Council undertake, please contact me or Tony Grant.

Before I close out the Grand Knight’s Report, I would like to share a Spiritual Reflection with you that was published in the Tribune Democrat newspaper in my home town of Johnstown, PA. I will continue share Spiritual Reflections in future Grand Knight reports.

Types of Prayer

“I trust in the steadfast love of God for ever and ever.” Psalm 52:8

There is no limit to the kinds of prayer which are possible, since prayer is any genuine attempt to communicate with God, here are some types of prayer which seem to be virtually universal.

  • The first type of prayer is the prayer of thanks. Many of the faithful start and end each day by thanking God, and there is always something to be thankful for, including our very existence.
  • The second type of prayer is the prayer of confession or contrition, where we confess our sins to God. This is often framed in terms of wheat we have done wrong or what we have failed to do, and should include improper or unkind thoughts, and true remorse.
  • The third type of prayer is the prayer of petition, the prayer which asks for God’s help.
  • The fourth type of prayer is the prayer of praise, where we extol or exalt God, typically for his goodness, love, wisdom and forgiveness.

May God Bless You and Your Families,
Mark Rayha
Grand Knight


Knight of the Month Bob Shunk
Family of the Month Brad and Ellen Stiner
Certificates of Appreciation Volunteers for the Iron Man Contest and PPK/Soccer

Call for Prayers

Let us pray for all of our fellow Knights and their families that are in need of our thoughts and prayers while they are facing difficult times in their lives, Knight Richard Lyons, Knight Lee Purdy, Knight Bill Paar’s Wife, Beth, Knight Bill Paar’s, Brother-in-Law Paul Purcell, Pam Heyde, Ann Lease, Lucille Pernot, Paul and Kate Gallimore Family, Sue and Howard Jamieson, Military Personnel all around the world, First Responders, victims and families of violence and natural disasters, Elderly and the unborn.

Happy birthday to Knights celebrating in September:

  • Fr. John Sasse Jr – September 07
  • Rick Jaggi – September 08
  • Patrick Ohm – September 10
  • Nick Haun – September 23
  • Mark Smith – September 26
  • Matt Thiel – September 27

Message from our field agent

You can contact Joe Molosky, General Agent at (262) 378 – 4854 for future questions on KOC Products

Program Director’s Report

The August meeting was well attended. September and October will be eventful months.
I hope all are enjoying this summer as the temperatures wind down and the rains subside!

BPNN Saturday Meal – Cancelled for October due to renovations being done to the facility.

Flags for Food – was on Labor Day September 3rd. Thanks for all the Knights who took part in such a good cause. More than 220 Flags were distributed throughout Verona.

KC Church Drive – We have a KC Church Request from Supreme for Drive October 13th and 14th or 20th and 21st Please sign up to help as we need volunteers!

Lifesavers for Life- Weekend is in October. Ken Kenyon has agreed to chair and will advise the dates.

Iron Man and PPK- Thanks to all Knights who volunteered for the Iron Man Brat Stands and the Pass Punt and Kick competition on September 9th. The weather was great and the tents were well attended!!

Diocesan Meeting- There will be a Diocesan meeting on September 18th at St Dennis. Officers are encouraged to attend but all are welcome. We will meet at St Andrews parking lot at 8:30 and the meeting ends at around 3:00.

The Diocesan Punt Pass and Kick- will be on October 14th at St Andrews. Many volunteers will be needed to help out. 37-40 people are needed. Bill Paar is coordinating the event.

Eucharistic Adoration- is continuing the first Friday and Saturday of each month.

Click this link Spread the word! Please send this along to others that would be interested in participating.

Volunteer Hours -Don’t forget to put in your volunteer hours and if you are late don’t worry you can put your hours in for whatever month you missed. The link is below.
If clicking on the link does not work, just copy and paste it into your web browser.

KC Event Requests- Going forward we will be formally reserving space at the parish before any KC activities by filling out a Event Reservation Request Form. The forms and procedures will be sent out.

Respectfully Submitted,
Knight Tony Grant – Program Director