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Weekly Message from our Pastor – 5/20/2018

Dear Parishioners,

Last week I pointed out that all human beings have a religious nature, and that it is futile and even very unhealthy to try to deny it. Some deny it, but actually live it out through superstitions, false religions, or paltry substitutes: like worldly hobbies or sports, etc. Obviously none of those things can grant us what we truly desire as our greatest and deepest want—eternal life and perfect happiness. Only the one true God can give us these things and even sent His only Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, to die for us so that we could seriously pursue these goals. Jesus not only died for us to open the gates of heaven and to make eternal life and perfect happiness a real possibility for us again, but He even established a Church with St. Peter at its head1 to help us through this life in a way that will give us the greatest amount of happiness in this world, and eternal life and perfect happiness in Heaven. We can prove historically and indisputively that St. Peter was the first Pope, and that there is an unbroken line of 265 more throughout history that arrives to Pope Francis. All serious theologians and biblical scholars agree that Jesus founded one Church, that is Holy because He is founding it and it is leading us to perfection (not because of its membership), universal2 (for all people of all time), the Greek word for universal is “Catholicos”, as I stated before it is being founded on Peter and the Apostles, and is therefore, Apostolic. There is only one existing Christian Church that meets all of these criteria: The Roman Catholic Church. Why do we call it Roman when the Romans crucified Christ? It is called Roman because St. Peter was the first Bishop of Rome, and he died and was buried there. His successors as Bishops of Rome, not only rule over their own diocese, but the whole Church as St. Peter did. So we call our Church “roman” not because it is of only Romans or only for Romans, but because all of its members look to Rome, the See of St. Peter, for guidance, blessing, and grace. Only the Roman Catholic Church exists in every country of the world right now simultaneously, and thus it is the largest religion in the World, with 1.3 billion members3. Every Catholic priest and bishop can trace his ordination back to one of the apostles in an unbroken line throughout the last 2000 years, and thus the Roman Catholic Church is necessarily Apostolic and possesses Apostolic succession. The Roman Catholic Church has one universally recognized leader, the Pope, and thus forms one flock under the one shepherd4. So it is obvious then not only from indisputable historical fact, but also from Holy Scripture that the Roman Catholic Church is the only Christian Church that is truly One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic and thus the only Church Jesus Christ founded, and so without a doubt the one true religion God has given to all mankind. So if we truly want to be happy and live forever, then this is the best place to exercise our religious nature to the greatest effect. Next week we will begin to examine the immensely rich and diverse spirituality of the Church and how it makes us happy and brings us to eternal life.

1Mt 16, 13-19; John 21,15—19; Lk 22, 31-32

2Mt 28, 19-20; Acts 1,8

3Some claim that Islam has 1.6 billion, but Islam is not unified
into one religion—there are Sunnis, Shias, and other sects
within it. Roman Catholicism is one religion united under one
Pope. Who is the world wide leader of Islam? (hint: there is

4John 10, 16

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