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Knights of Columbus April 2018 Newsletter

Greetings Brother Knights,

Grand Knight’s Report

I hope that everyone had a Happy and Blessed Easter and time with family and friends. Let us now hope for warmer temperatures with the blossoming of spring flowers and new growth.

A special thank you to all Knights that attended the funeral for Knight Melvin Baumgartner. It was very nice to see a show of support and unity for our fallen Knight. Thank you Knights for getting your membership dues updated for 2018.

Discussion have begun to get ideas for our Council’s approaching 25th Anniversary Celebration. Please mark your calendar for June 24, 2018 for this celebration. We are planning on beginning the day with a Mass of celebration at 11:00 a.m. If anyone has any ideas or would like to be involved on the committee for this event, please let me know.

Last month our council donated $250 to the Arch Diocese for Military Services USA
We also donated $200 to Alec Ochowski and $650 to Middle-East Persecuted Christians Relief Program

Bratfest 2018 is now approaching. In 2015 our Council started volunteering at this event as another fundraising for our Council. We have a group of Knights working the Take Your Brat to Work Day, from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Friday, May 25th. I am the coordinator for our group, so please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested, so I can sign you up before all the slots are filled.

Our Council was selected to participate in the Silver Rose Run. It is planned to be in Verona on August 9th. There will be more information to come in the next few months.

Currently we have a few potential new candidates and could hold a 1st degree at our May meeting. It is also possible that we could hold it on a Saturday, if that would work for the candidates.

Below is the proposed Officer list for Fraternal Year 2018-19. As you can see there are a couple positions that have not yet been filled. If you are interest in any positions, please contact Mark Rayha.

Proposed Elected Officers for 2018-19

Position Elected Officer
Grand Knight Mark Rayha
Deputy Grand Knight
Chancellor Tony Grant
Treasurer Leo Warren
Recorder Bill Cassel
Advocate Rick Jaggi
Warden Ray Esser
I/S Guard Ryan Zakrzewski
O/S Guard Mark Heyde
Trustee 1 yr. Bill La Berge
Trustee 2 yr. Bill Paar
Trustee 3 yr. Clyde Hellenbrand

Proposed Appointed Director/Position for 2018-19

Position Individual
Financial Secretary Clem LaMere
Chaplain Father John Sasse
Youth Director Bill Kuchenbecker
Membership Director Shawn Lyons
Lecturer Gene Purcell
Field Agent Jim Froh
Program Director Tony Grant
Faith Development Ryan Zakrzewski

Clyde Hellenbrand
Grand Knight


Knight of the Month – Bob Bauer
Family of the Month – Ken & Jolene Kenyon
Certificates of Appreciation – Tom Lemke, KC Raffle Ticket Sales; Clem LaMere, Bill Kuchenbecker, Bill Paar, Bill LaBerge, Andy Zielke, Brad Stiner, Clyde Hellenbrand – Wood Splitters

Call for Prayers

Let us pray for all of our fellow Knights and their families that are in need of our thoughts and prayers while they are facing difficult times in their lives, Knight Richard Lyons, Knight Lee Purdy, Bill Paar’s Brother-in-Law Paul Purcell, Pam Heyde, Ann Lease, Lucille Pernot, Sue and Howard Jamieson, Family of Fellow Knight Mel Baumgartner, Ken & Jolene Kenyon. Military Personnel all around the world, First Responders and victims and families of violent shootings.
Happy birthday to Knights celebrating in April:

  • Melvin Baumgartner – April 2
  • Louie Joseph – April 3
  • Christian Bayens – April 10
  • Brad Stiner – April 10
  • Christohper Pauly – April 17
  • Jon Pepper – April 25
  • James Tormey – April 25
  • Austin Steffen – April 30

Message from our field agent

In an effort to keep you informed of my efforts, I hereby submit my Field Agent’s report.
I know that I do not make it to your meetings as often as I would like, but meeting your families, in your homes, and carrying out the mission of Fr. McGivney is my duty as your field agent.

155 Letters Sent to Members
335 Calls Made to Members and Prospects
103 Members and Prospects Talked To
32 Appointments Made
42 Members I met with
3 Council Meetings Attended
1 Fraternal Benefits Night
0 Membership drive and (1)1st degree
Applications Written: WL/Term ins., Long Term Care, Disability, Annuities
0 Death Claim(s)

Food for Thought: Insurance by Brother Knights for Brother Knights –
A Founding Notion: Protecting the Breadwinner’s Income
While jobs may be safer in 2018, accidents, injuries, and illnesses that can impact your ability to work still hap-pen. Most, in fact, do not happen on the jobsite or place of employment.
The Knights have always sought to protect members’ families from the “loss” of a breadwinner. But you may not know that Father McGivney also wanted to find a way to help members who couldn’t work because of an illness. After all, the “loss” of the breadwinner does not have to mean that person’s death; it can also mean the loss of the breadwinner’s income.
Consider that loss for a moment. How would your family fare if a source of income suddenly stopped? Could a dual-income family manage on one income?
I’ve heard some people say they have coverage at work, but many are not sure what this coverage entails, how much income it would provide or for how long. Do I pay taxes on it?
That’s where a personally-owned disability income insurance product, like Income Armor, comes into play. It can offer valuable income replacement percentage of your total income in the event of an injury or illness.
As your professional Knights of Columbus insurance agent, I look forward to helping you and your family.

Call Jim Froh, FIC
Have a Blessed Month

Program Director’s Report

Fellow Knights I pray you all are doing well and enjoyed family time this Easter season.
Eucharistic Adoration –May 4 & 5th 2018. Sign up links were sent to members. This is a great way to free up some quality time and to draw closer to our Mother Mary and her Son for 1 hour through the mysteries of the rosary and prayer.

The 2018 KC State Convention will be held April 27 – 29, 2018 at the Marriott Conference Center on John Q Hammons Drive, Middleton. All members in good standing are invited to attend. Councils have been asked to help run the 50/50 and Basket Raffles during the weekend event. Our Council will be staffing the shift on Friday April 27th from 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. We need 7 volunteers to fill the spots. Currently there are still a couple spots that need to be filled. Thank you to those of you have already signed up. Please consider either the full 3 hour shift or 1 ½ hours. Here is the link:

Raffle Tickets! Special thanks to Knight Mark Rayha as he continues to coordinate this effort. So far we have collected $2640.00 from the sale of 528 tickets. Thanks to those Knights who have volunteered to help sell tickets. Tickets & money needs to be returned to Mark by the April meeting so that they can get turned in by the deadline. If you are unable to attend, please drop them in the mail. They can be sent to Mark at the following address. Please keep in mind that Mark will need to have received them by 4/21.
Mark Rayha
2918 Winter Park Place
Madison WI, 53719

Pancake Breakfast!! There will be another Pancake Breakfast on May 20th! Please set aside some time to help out for a worthy cause. The proceeds from this event will go to the Milwaukee Women’s Support Center for the purchase of an ultrasound machine.

The Tootsie Roll Drive- is right around the corner. The Tootsie Rolls have arrived, the dates have been set, the weekend of May 18th, 19th, & 20th. Doug Ulaszek is working on setting up a sign-up link for the different locations and shift times throughout the weekend. Please look at your calendar and see which shift(s) you could help out to staff. We again are collecting outside of Millers, Walgreens, and Culvers, as well as St. Christopher parish. This is one of the largest fund raisers our Council undertakes!

Mallards Game Tailgate-On August 12th the Knights will be selling tickets to the Mallards Game and KC Tailgate. Tickets will be $13.00. Leo Warren will be organizing this event but tickets must be bought as soon as possible as the proceeds must be submitted by the end of April. If you are interested in attending this event, please contact Leo @ 608-577-4290 or

Verona Hometown Days Parade will be June 3rd. We again will be doing bratstands during the parade. Please set aside time to volunteer to man the KC Brat Stands. More information coming.

Volunteer Hours!!- Please remember to log your volunteer hours.

Respectfully Submitted,
Knight Tony Grant – Program Director