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Weekly Message from our Pastor – 4/1/2018

Dear Parishioners,


The Lord has risen as he said—Alleluia, Alleluia!!! First I want to wish everyone the happiest of Easter Seasons!!! Here again we have another great advantage of being Catholics—we don’t just have one day of Easter, but a whole octave followed by Divine Mercy Sunday. Incredible!!! I want to thank Deb LaBerge and Lisa Keen for leading the Divine Mercy Novena in my absence. This is a powerful novena for the conversion and reversion to the faith of fallen away Catholics.

We have all hopefully had a very fruitful Lent and built some great new virtues and habits, especially in the spiritual life. We should have grown closer to the Lord, and now we should experience him resurrected in an ever closer way. So there is a great temptation to take the foot off the accelerator and relax in our celebrations of Easter. Yes, our methods and instruments will now change a little, but our goal and desire of holiness must remain just as strong. So as we rejoice in the Lord’s Resurrection throughout the Easter Season (7 weeks until Pentecost), we want to continue striving to grow in holiness because our Lenten experience has taught us that holiness is happiness. So we will be fasting and abstaining less, but we can still volunteer and sacrifice our time for the good of others. We can continue our generosity towards the Parish and the poor. We certainly want to continue our prayers for those for whom we have promised them and then pray for the immense needs of our world. I would also like to thank all of the volunteers here at the Parish who have helped in the organization of the special events we had during Lent, those who have helped with the decorations and those who have brought forth great initiatives for the spiritual good and growth of all.