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From our Pastor re: Rosary Rally for Marriage Banner

Dear Parishioners,

As many of you know, last weekend we held a rosary rally in support of marriage and family, and a few people came and protested against it. The Verona Press contacted me and asked me to answer these three questions:

  1. When and why the church put the sign up there?
  2. What message the church was about to send out through the sign?
  3. How are you going to deal with the sign? Any plan to put it back?

Here is the full answer that I submitted to these questions:

We put our banner up because we are an outward looking faith community that desires to have a positive effect on our society. There are many studies that show children raised in homes with their married biological parents in low conflict relationships do the best in life. They do better academically, emotionally, in their relationships and friendships, in their future marriages and economically. They also have less legal problems. I offer three studies to demonstrate the evidence for this, but there are many more:

The second study is interesting as it is a compilation of many studies over a long period of time and the third one goes into more detail about child development. Our aim with our Rosary Rally for Marriage was to pray for married couples, the health and happiness of their marriages and thus the goodness of their families. All of these things contribute to the good of society as a whole. The studies above prove that on a human level, but God has revealed this to us through His revelation in Holy Scripture (Gen. 1/ 27-28; 2, 19-25; Mk. 10, 2-9; & Mt. 19, 3-9) and by placing the natural law in our hearts. (Jer. 31, 31-33)

Consequently our message through our action is that we wholeheartedly support married couples dedicated to raising their children well, and to let them know that we appreciate them and are praying for them. Those who protested our action stated that somehow we were promoting teenage suicide and discrimination against homosexuals and lesbians. That is an illogical stretch to say the least. New life comes into the world only through the love of a man for a woman, to say promoting that causes suicidal tendencies in teenagers is ludicrous, and there is no factual evidence whatsoever to prove it. The Catholic Church has always taught and acted according to the principle that we should hate the sin, but love the sinner. Our promotion of virtue and goodness does not imply a hatred for those who try and sometimes fail to reach it, but to the contrary, we offer help to sinners in our love for them, because we are all sinners. We respect the right of anyone to protest legally but we were disappointed with the few who protested our action as they were so closed minded toward hearing the explanation of our action and then committed acts of illegal trespassing and vandalism against us. We certainly forgive them and wish no evil or ill feelings in return to them.

The rosary rally for marriage is concluded and so we have taken our banner down, but our support for good, true, and beautiful marriage and the proven benefits it has for children and our future society will always remain, as does our love for sinners and our desire to help them. If the national organization that promoted this rally offers it again we will certainly participate, as good strong happy marriages are so necessary for the overall good of society.

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