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School Feasibility Study – Results and Direction

In 2017, a School Feasibility Committee, comprised of St. Christopher parish families, was commissioned by Father William and continued with Father John to submit a feasibility study to the Diocese of Madison’s Office of Catholic Schools. The purpose of the study was to provide certain data about the potential of St. Christopher Parish opening a Catholic grammar school. Information in the study included population data of Verona and the surrounding areas, projected enrollment and interest in a school, building space accommodations, and several financial models. After its submission on November 20 and after answering various clarifying questions from the Office of Catholic Schools, the feasibility study was completed and sent to Bishop Morlino for his consideration in December. The full feasibility report is linked herein and is also available in the parish office.

The parish received a response to the feasibility evaluation from Bishop Morlino last week. In his letter, the bishop extends his support and prayers for our parish in this endeavor and has asked us to pursue the following goals:

  • The current offertory giving is not sufficient to run a school according to the financial model that you submit, the offertory collection must increase or you must re-evaluate the school revenue and tuition model which entails:
    1. the creation of an alternative sustainable tuition/revenue model that may not rely so heavily financial support of the parish, and:
    2. the planning and engagement of an aggressive marketing campaign to secure stronger enrollment commitments that will move enrollment more quickly to capacity, serve a greater number of children and thereby strengthen school revenue.
  • Seek and obtain donors to provide the funds necessary to open the school and maintain it for at least 3 years
    without creating a deficit in the parish budget.
  • Broadly engage the entire parish, including the parish Finance Council, in your vision and ongoing efforts, in order to gain strong support for the school.

The bishop encouraged us to resubmit a proposal after having pursued and attained these goals and to look ahead to the fall of 2019.

As a first step moving forward as a parish, we invite all to attend an open meeting about the possibility of a future school at St. Christopher parish. These meetings, hosted by members of the feasibility committee, pastoral council, and finance council, are intended to provide an opportunity for all to receive a longer update and have the ability to share their thoughts, input, and concerns. These town hall-style meetings will be held the weekend of Feb. 3rd and 4th following all the parish Masses. Exact times and locations will be announced shortly.

The parish will also be informed on any and all developments through a regular update in the parish bulletin, on the website, and through an informative slide show available on the website.

Meetings will be held quarterly or biannually with the Pastoral Council and Finance Councils of the parish to get their input, advice, and counsel and to keep them up to date on all progress. Parishioners are encouraged to offer any support, time, talent, or treasure, to the project, and can voice any interests, ideas, questions or concerns to Fr. John or to a pastoral council member, so that they can be incorporated into future plans. Thank you for your prayers and support thus far, they have been very helpful.