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Weekly Message from our Pastor – 12/24/17

Dear Parishioners,

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I have to start by thanking all of you for making me feel so welcome here at St. Christopher. This has truly been one of my easiest transitions yet. So I have a lot to be thankful for. Overall, it is a time to reflect on our spiritual lives, and allow ourselves to be reborn in Christ and with the Baby Jesus. We welcome the Baby Jesus to be reborn in our hearts this Christmas and allow Him to grow with us and our envigored spiritual lives this year.

It is no wonder that this has become one of our greatest liturgical celebrations, as the meaning and graces of this day are so profound. God loved us so much, that in spite of our sins, He sent His only Son into the world to die for us, so that our sins can be forgiven, and the deepest longing of our being can be fulfilled—now as we die with Him, we can also rise with Him and live forever in the perfect happiness of Heaven. God gives us Jesus, and in Jesus’ name we give presents to others without expecting in return and thus loving and giving as God does. This is what charity is all about. We see how great it makes us feel. So let’s not restrict our charity to just one time of the year, but resolve to live always in the Christmas Spirit of Jesus. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!