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Knights of Columbus October Newsletter

Greetings Brother Knights,

Grand Knight’s Report

I would ask that we all keep in our thoughts and prayers all the lives lost in the past month from the hurricanes, earthquake and shootings. Also to all the courageous people that helped to rescue and comfor those that were injured or affected.

October is Respect Life Month, so let us pay for Mothers that are thinking of abortion and those that support killing unborn babies. Also in October is the 3rd Annual Catholic Men’s Conference, Men of the Cross being held on October 28, 2017 in Chippewa Falls. There will be 4 quest speakers, one of them being Fr. Rick Heilman. Contact me for more information if you are interesting in attending.

The Pancake Breakfast on October 29th may be a good opportunity if anyone knows of any potential new members. We could welcome them to enjoy a complimentary breakfast and see the works of the Knights of Columbus.

Sentiment for Seminarians
During the month of November we will be collecting items to help support the Seminarians of our Diocese. Items needed are: Gloves, Scarves, Winter Hats, Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, Computer & Writing Paper, Personal Care Items, Ziploc Bags & Small Food Storage Containers, Kleenex, Paper Towels, Windex, Cleaning Supplies, Gas & Gift Cards are desired. Boxes will be in the back of church during the month of November for drop off. The weekend of November 18 & 19 we will have a collection drive for the Seminarians & Veteran’s In Service Project. You can also bring items to our November 16th Council Meeting. Please give generously.

Please keep in mind the 40 Days for Life Vigil, beginning September 27th thru November 5th. Ken Kenyon is chairing this event. If you have any questions or need details contact Ken.

Please start to give some thought to our candidates for Knight of the Year and Family of the Year. We will be discussing this at our regular council meeting.


Knight of the Month – Leo Warren
Family of the Month – Steve & Davonna Runde
Certificates of Appreciation – Ironman & Sporting Activity Volunteers

Call for Prayers

Let us pray for all of our fellow Knights and their families that are in need of our thoughts and prayers while they are facing difficult times in their lives, Knight Richard Lyons, Brother Jim Bosch’s Daughter Jill, Knight Paul Gallimore’s Daughter Hannah, Pam Heyde, and Lucille Pernot. Also First Responders, Military Personnel and those affected by recent disasters.

Happy Birthday to Knights celebrating in October:

  • John Brandt – October 1
  • Nathaniel Mays – October 4
  • Russel Pernot – October 6
  • Adam Schloesser – October 7
  • John Gehl – October 11
  • John Stillmank – October 13
  • Ray Esser – October 16
  • Larry Raab – October 17
  • Clyde Hellenbrand – October 19
  • Pat McPeak – October 19
  • David Tormey – October 21
  • Bradley Frias – October 24
  • Duane Strassman – October 27
  • Robert Mozgawa – October 29
  • Ken Grosse – October 31

Clyde Hellenbrand
Grand Knight

Message from our field agent

I know that I do not make it to your meetings as often as I would like, but meeting your families, in your homes, and carrying out the mission of Fr. McGivney is my duty as your field agent.

  • 96 Letters Sent to Members
  • 267 Calls Made to Members and Prospects
  • 128 Members and Prospects Talked To
  • 58 Appointments Made
  • 30 Members I met with
  • 0 Pancake breakfast help out
  • 3 Council Meetings Attended
  • 2 Membership drives
  • 1 Diocesan meeting
  • Added 3 more parishes to the Bulletin Advertising.
  • Applications Written: Several Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability, Annuities and Retirement Plans
  • 2 Death Claim(s)

Food for Thought: Insurance by Brother Knights for Brother Knights – The Value of Life Insurance for Children
As a father, you worry about your children and do everything you can to protect them. You try to raise them right and make sure they are prepared to become adults. But have you ever thought about buying life insurance for you child or grandchild? When you insure your child you are protecting her or his future. Did you know that one out of every six adults get rated, postponed, or denied for insurance coverage? If you purchase a policy for your child from KOC with a guaranteed purchase option, it guarantees that more insurance can be purchased for that child at certain set dates, WITHOUT PROVING INSURABILITY.

Call Jim Froh, FIC

Have a Blessed Month
Jim Froh, Field Agent KOC

Program Director’s Report

October is Respect Life Month and along with our activities, listed below We are always seeking opportunities to help others. Please don’t forget to log your hours.

Hats off to Bill Paar for organizing the Diocesan Punt, Pass and Kick contest and Soccer Challenge on October 8th. Thanks to all the volunteers that made it a success. There were 65 participants in PPK and 11 Soccer participants. We also want to thank Debby LaBerge and Cindy Hellenbrand for running the brat stand that netted $240 for our charity account.

The 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil has started. There is still a need for more men to take spots during the nighttime hours, especially after Mondays 8-10 pm, Fridays 6-8pm, Saturdays 4-10 pm. The Vigil takes place outside of Planned Parenthood on the east side. What better way to set aside some dedicated time to pray for an end to abortion. If you are interested, please visit this link for more information, or to sign up for a slot find the schedule here.

Our Council will also be participating in another Pro Life Event during the month of October. Life Savers for Life will be taking place on October 14th and 15th and Knights are needed for all Masses especially the 11:00 mass.. We would like to have 4 Knights at each Mass. Donations will be collected for Care Net and Pregnancy help line. Please consider supporting these wonderful charities by volunteering! Please volunteer by using the online signup found here.

Are you still a First Degree? Don’t wait any longer, second and Third degrees will be offered on October 29th in St. James in Madison. The focus for the Second Degree is Unity, and the Third Degree is Fraternity. They are wonderful degrees! You won’t have to go alone, we’ll make sure someone is available from our Council to support you. If you are interested please contact Membership Director, Mark Heyde or Grand Knight, Clyde Hellenbrand for more details. There will also be a 4th Degree (Patriotism) in Franklin, WI on Oct 28th.

There will be a Membership Drive on Oct. 14th and 15th!! Please sign up to help as we need volunteers. Please contact Mark Hyde if you can help! If you will be at any of the weekend masses and can help out, please be there about 30 minutes prior. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

October 29th is the next Pancake Breakfast. Bill Cassel will be organizing the event and will again be looking for Knights to help with setup, cooking, serving and clean up. If you are a new Knight, this is a nice way to get to know others and help out with a great event. As always any baked goods to go with breakfast are also needed. The proceeds will go to the hurricane Maria victims of Puerto Rico.
Look for more information at the next meeting.

Note the following events coming:

  • BPNN Meal – November 4th – Sign up
  • Eucharistic Adoration : Click this link

Spread the word! Please send this along to others that would be interested in participating.

Respectfully Submitted,
Knight Tony Grant – Program Director