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Knights of Columbus January 2017 Newsletter

Greetings Brother Knights,

Our Theme for January:

As the celebration of the Christmas season comes to an end, we turn our focus to Holy Family. There is something very powerful of praying together as a family, because the family that prays together stays together.

I hope that everyone had a Blessed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you to all our members who helped to keep our Council active in 2016. It is with that participation that we are able to an active council and help those in need.

May 2017 be prosperous to all and our Council.

Our December Council Meeting began with a Memorial Mass at 6:00 PM where we remembered our Brother Knights and Spouses, that are no longer with us. It is good to remember those that were a part of making our council what it is today. After the meal we had a brief meeting. A Motion was made to change our Council name to the Monsignor Delbert Schmelzer Council #11155. The Motion was made and seconded. We then held a vote and it was unanimously passed. It was also agreed that we will continue to support our 5 Seminarians in their studies. Currently we have Drew Olson, Jared Holzhuter, Stephen Brunner, Peter Lee, and Austin Steffen each will receive $500. After awards we enjoyed a “retrospective” slide show of our Council’s first 10 years and a brief tribute to our founder, Monsignor Delbert Schmelzer. I want to thank any members and their spouses that helped set up and clean up. Special thanks to Clem & Karen LaMere for their homemade beer and wines which lifted our spirits.

Our Financial Secretary, Clem LaMere has sent out notice of Member’s Annual Dues for 2017. It would be appreciated if everyone submits payment as soon as possible. Thank you.

Please remember that our council has committed to assisting with the community meal at the BPNN(Badger Prairie Needs Network) the first Saturday of each month. Thank you to all that helped on January 7th and hope to see many more of you in the future.

Knight Jim Esser, Chairman for the State Bowling Tournament is looking for a date. This year’s tournament is taking place in Sparta/Tomah, March 25th & 26th. Jim is still looking for bowlers to fill spots so contact him if interested.

More information will be forthcoming on the US Open in Erin, WI June 12th thru 18th on how to sign up for available shifts. They will need Brother Knights, families & friends to volunteer for 1 or more shifts. Note that there is a fee involved to participate.


Knight of the Month – David Reisinger
Family of the Month – Scott & Barbara Schmiesing
Certificates of Appreciation – Brad Stiner, Andy Zielke, Peter & Jasmine Fill

Call for Prayers

Mick Jameson, Dick Lyons, Chris & Cathy Decker, Linus Stampfl, Sonia LiBoy, Marcia Kasieta, Stan Haack, Father Vernon’s Parents, Mary Alice Feldhake, Jenny Wakeman, Cindy Albertson, Monsignor Michael Burke, Mark Rayha’s Mother and Wife, Shari, Mark Rayha’s Co-Worker’s Daughter, Pam Heyde, Seminarians, Men & Women in the Service, Police Officers, Firefighters, EMT’s, Victims of war and recent shootings.

Happy Birthday to Knights celebrating in January:

  • Joseph Saelens – January 2
  • Stephen McKeon – January 4
  • Patrick Delaney – January 6
  • Owen Doran – January 9
  • Robert Bauer – January 17
  • Ray Wagner – January 17
  • John Braun – January 18
  • Matthew Krippner – January 20
  • Daniel Hoffman – January 21
  • Andrew Zielke – January 25

Clyde Hellenbrand
Grand Knight

Message from our Field Agent

Protecting Widows – A Founding Goal

As a member of this council, you know how important spouses can be to the charitable works of the Order. If you’re married, your wife is probably involved in a few of the many events that happen each fraternal year. This support adds great value and impact to what a council can achieve.

When the Order was founded in 1882, Father Michael J. McGivney and the other brave men were setting out to pro-tect Catholic families, but especially wives and children. Today, we remain committed to this mission by offering insurance products and fraternal benefits designed with that goal in mind. One specific policy rider that you may not know about is called Spousal Waiver of Premium. This rider is unique to the Knights of Columbus philosophy of helping our widows.

This rider is available on most permanent and Discoverer plans purchased at standard rates by a member and his wife on the same day. When both spouses apply, the rider provides for waiver of premiums on the spouse’s contract in the event of the insured’s death. Best of all, for members and spouses ages 18 to 60, this waiver can be added for no charge. The rider stays in effect until the spouse attains age 65 or certain other triggering events occur.

Our products are designed with your needs and budget in mind. With a solid portfolio of life insurance, long-term care, disability income and retirement products, the Knights of Columbus can help you meet all of your financial goals. To learn more about these solutions, contact me today.

James Froh, Fraternal Brother KOC
Field Agent KOC

Program Director Report

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year fellow Knights. I hope everyone had a wonderful and healthy holiday!

As always I thank you all for the work done to keep our Council active and in good standing throughout Wisconsin. We have helped many people in need and I’m sure 2017 will be no different.

A Special Memorial Mass for our council was held on December 15th prior to our Christmas Social. The Mass was a remembrance of all of our brothers who passed on including a special remembrance of our founding father Monsignor Schmelzer. We are in the process of requesting that our Council be renamed in his honor.

The Christmas Party and Social was a great success with plenty to eat and drink and catered by Sugar and Spice. Father William attended with many of the Council Families. We also had live music courtesy of Peter and Jasmine. There was ice cream, strawberries and toppings for dessert to top off the meal!

This year Former GK William Cassel will be nominated to the State for the distinguished Medallion Award or has been referred to as the Knight of the Year. Letters of recommendation have been received on his behalf but we could always receive more!!

We also have nominated the Zakrzewski Family as the Family of the Year. Knight Ryan has been a Knight to look up to and he along with his family have been active within St Andrew Parish. They have been Catechists, been on the Parish Council, are SVdP members to name a few of the family activities. Ryan is also mentoring me to be Program Director!

Our resident craftsmen were busy this year in creating some exquisite works of art and imagination. The sales resulted in the donations of approximately $1300.00 from woodworking sales. We are blessed to have such skilled Knights in our council!!

The raffle ticket sales are in full swing and so far 1171 tickets have been distributed to our brother knights. 140 tickets have been sold and returned so far. The sale will go through April 2nd so there is some time. We do turn them in monthly so please don’t wait till the last minute to complete your sales. Special thanks to Mark Rayha for heading this drive!!

Now that 2016 has ended Ryan Zakrzewski has counted up our total volunteer hours. These are needed for our Fraternal Survey Report. Our Total Fraternal Hours totaled 5108. We had 17 Knights enter hours.

Tony Grant